Wynne Burroughs works as a nurse at a large hospital in Boston. She's Pagan, bi, poly and proud. She's been writing sexy stories for herself and her partners for a dozen years or so, and now she's finally decided to see what the rest of the world thinks about them.

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Best Sellers

Turned into a Woman, Turned into a Slut

After a science experiment gone wrong, Tom is transformed into a dick hungry slut. She can't control the strange lusts and desires of her newly transformed body. Can she at least find a man who can satisfy her?

This story is for adults only and includes graphic depictions of gender transformation, oral and penetrative sex.

Priest Gangbang

Kelly is a naughty girl, that's why she's gone to confession. Unfortunately Father Simmons is the worst priest in the world. After a quick fingerbang in the confessional booth Kelly is invited back to the rectory for a spot of fun with Father Simmons' fellow priests.

This story is for adults only and contains graphic depictions of group sex and sacrilegious debauchery.

Doctor Coslow's Miraculous Steam-Powered Pleasure Machine

Marion has long suffered under her cold and distant husband, Colonel Witherby and that's why they undertake a trip to Doctor Coslow's office. You see the doctor has invented an incredible machine that can strip away female dissatisfaction with a single buzzing, twirling and dancing wand. And Marion intends to get every inch of satisfaction out of the dear Doctor.

Babysitting Mr. Thompson

The Thompsons are Laura's best clients. They never stay out later than they say, they pay promptly and Mr. Thompson never tries to make her "earn her tip". Of course that's why she wants him, but he's a good an honorable man. She has pretty much no hope of seducing him, at least until a lovers spat sends Mrs. Thompson and the kids to their grandma's house. Now suddenly Laura has a chance, but will Mr. Thompson accept the nurturing care that she needs so badly?

This story contains graphic depictions of heterosexual sex.

Gangbanged by the Alpha's Pack

The Alpha simply wanted to control the raging beasts inside his werewolf brothers, however, Ed, one of the most senior werewolves doesn't think he's doing a good job. After a brief power struggle the Alpha and his pack must show Ed his true position in their group... with a gang bang.

* * *

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